- let your eyewear move first on the trends of tomorrow


Is your eyewear a crucial part of your look and a natural way to express your personality?

Inface is the trendy and affordable eyewear choice for the fashion conscious, modern trend-lover. The go-to brand for the bold individuals who are never afraid to stand out from the crowd and (cat)walk the talk of the latest trends and fashion movements.

With an explosion of playful colours, fierce shapes, and choice of tinted demo lenses, our January 2023 launch will blow your mind. It contains strong and bold characters like FOX, PEACOCK, KIWI, AND FEISTY, but don’t worry, they are ready to share the spotlight with you.

Working with few, but strong concepts, Inface can react rapidly on the upcoming megatrends, we spot on social media. This way we ensure, our collections are always fresh and reflect the fashion trends of tomorrow.

We never compromise on our deep expertise in optics, and even though Inface is fast and modern, this launch is also characterised by its highquality materials with premium acetate and allergy friendly titanium.

Are you ready for Inface? We are ready for you!