Are you looking for characteristic eyewear to back up your sparkling personality? You’ve reached the right place once again. 

Inface is the trendy, playful and affordable choice of eyewear for the fashion conscious, modern trend-lover.  Our dedicated Danish design team seeks inspiration from Scandinavian and global street fashion and social media, when creating cool eyewear that is customized to stand out from the crowd. 

We believe that eyewear is an essential part of your personal style. That’s why we're still continuing our three main concepts, ACETATE, SHEET and RIM — the latter now being produced in stainless steel to broaden its commercial appeal. Within all three directions, we look forward to introducing both entirely new shapes as well as additional colours to our existing favourites. They’re all characterised by their playfulness, boldness and power of expression. Nordic roots, global reach and loads of youthful vibrance: The collection marks Inface as the fresh face of the industry.