Stainless Steel

Inface is the trendy, playful and affordable choice of eyewear for the fashion conscious, modern trend-lover.  Our dedicated Danish design team seeks inspiration from Scandinavian and global street fashion and social media, when creating cool eyewear that is customized to stand out from the crowd. 

Stainless Steel


Let us introduce another animalistic shape: This is BUTTERFLY (formerly known as PEACOCK). It’s graceful, super thin — but it still carries a wild and vivid expression: In other words it lives up to its name. This season, we’re adding three new and colourful versions that compliments the existing concept. Get it with tinted demo lenses as well.


Sleek, sneaky and sophisticated — COYOTE has entered the scene. This unisex frame (formerly known as FOX) is a classic panto shape, expertly crafted in stainless steel. Its light expression with vibrant details on the end tips makes it understated, yet a conscious fashion choice. We’re introducing four new colour combinations — and just like the other rim frames, they’re available with tinted demo lenses. Go with gradient blue demo lenses for a rockstar look.


Meet DODO (formerly known as PUFFIN), a frame that embodies the spirit of the avian world, crafted from stainless steel. Strong in looks and construction, yet impressively light, DODO is a female shape with a highly confident and sharp look with its square design. We’re introducing a range of new colour combinations where stylish rim executions meet playful end tips. Make your look fly even higher by adding tinted demo lenses, e.g. in pink.


KODIAK is the small, compact frame of our rim concept. Formerly known as WOMBAT, we’re now re-introducing it in stainless steel. Same great shape and same elegant colours. Casually edgy, and with the possibility of having a lot of attitude or being more discrete depending on your mood and outfit. KODIAK is a rectangular rim shape, super light, and now designed in stainless steel.


Introducing TURTLE: A frame that does anything but hide inside its shell. This elegant frame is defined by its geometric grace and pushes the boundaries of unisex fashion. Discover TURTLE’S array of playful colours: Each hue is carefully selected to infuse your look with a touch of soft and playful sophistication. 


Get ready for the boldness of YAK — our latest addition to the stainless steel universe of Inface. With its grand, voluminous design and double bridge, YAK is a frame that doesn't shy away from making a statement, perfect for those who want their eyewear to speak volumes. Get it in six different versions, ranging from a classic gold with havana end tips, a masculine blue steel — or even with tinted demo lenses.